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CNM TOPOGRAPHY provides a wide range of services for small and big scale projects and of course for private clients.

A.    Establishment, Densification and Verification of Triangulation Networks

Depending on the requirements of each project, we use both terrestrial measurements and satellite analysis methods for the establishment of triangulation networks. Our first priority is conducting thorough checks in order to assure the good condition and accuracy of the positions of the network points.

B.    Complete Worksite Support

  • Establishment, densification, analysis and verification of triangulation and leveling networks.
  • Natural ground survey and mapping
  • Cadastral works and designs
  • Land Reforms
  • Implementation Studies
  • Quantity calculations – Quantity surveys
  • Geodetic worksite support until the end of project (Road, Irrigation and Water supply, Buildings, Tunnels, Bridges, Quantity Material Measurements)
  • Geodetic support for Mining Projects
  • Monitoring
  • Construction Measurements
  • As Built Designs
  • Project Supervision

C.    Private Projects

  • Compilation of supporting documents for the issuance of building permit.
  • Delimitation and making land – parcel
  • Implementing Acts and corrective Implementing Acts
  • Surveys of internal and external areas
  • Architectural Surveys and Surveys of Archaeological sites
  • Land Applications for Cadastre

D.    GIS Projects

GIS projects for environmental Design and Survey, Environmental Planning and Monitoring, Tourism, Transportation, Networks Common Benefits, Education, Public Information, Cadastre etc